Hello! My name is Fran, I'm a creative person living in Malaga, Spain.
I Like to create visual experiencies which provide the user elegance, efficiency and professionalism feeling.

Coding Projects

From the begining of my career, I always knew that graphic design was my passion, but I've always loved programming. I used PHP, Java, C, and other languages ​​with less acceptance as Object Pascal, but after a while I specialized in some frontend languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript or Python, including languages for mobile platforms like ObjetiveC.

Application Design

I love application design. The first step in User Interface design is to know how the application works. From there, needs to be created a detailed mockup of all interface elements. This will get to have a better idea of the visual appearance to be the application to improve the usability and User Experience.

Graphic Design

I worked in a extensive variety of areas, from editorial design to logo creation, always focused on elegant, simple and clean design. Although I have also made other work of higher quality, where every detail is an important part of the final result, getting a visually attractive and colorful design.